Fellowships of the Spirit
Spiritual Empowerment Seminar

October 28, 2016 @ 9:30 am
5:00 pm

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Late Registration $125 after October 21
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We are now living in a period where it is becoming increasingly acceptable for people to develop and embrace their spiritual side. More people than ever are awakening spiritually to the opportunities that Sare outside the material world. As we awake, we raise our vibrations. As we raise our vibratory rate, we need to release the toxicity associated with our former way of being. Now, it is more important than ever to release any and all energies that cannot be sustained in a higher-vibrating reality and to maintain our equilibrium. This seminar will allow you to create balance in your body, mind, and spirit.

Seminar Overview

  • Explore ways to cope with the Ascension process
  • Recognize barriers to spiritual growth
  • Experience chakra breathing and activation
  • Discover Spiritual Power Tools
  • Remove energy cords and attachments
  • Clear your Living space
  • Release long-standing grief
  • Evoke healing for the Earth

SpiritualBalancing-bookRev. Diana Burney, D.D., is the author of the Award Winning book, Spiritual Clearings and has been performing these remote Clearings worldwide for over 21 years, for thousands of people, homes, businesses, and animals, as well as several disaster situations. She has been a guest on many radio and TV shows including the BBC, Art Bell’s Coast to Coast and Uri Gellar.

Diana has a BS in Nursing, a Master in Education from Cleveland State University. Her 25 year resume in the mental health field includes experience as a clinical instructor, adult educator, hospital department director, and clinical hypnotherapist. She was ordained in the Spiritualist Church of Sedona, AZ in 1993. She also became a Reiki Master and obtained a Doctor of Divinity degree from the College of Divine Metaphysics. In 2000, she received another ordination from the Sanctuary of the Beloved. Diana also channeled the formulas of her Healing Vibrations Aromatherapy Mists Collection: Sanctuary, Balance, Peacefulness, and Sakkara. She has been the President of Earth Release since 1999 and founder of Healing Vibrations since 2001.

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